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In today’s complex business environment, companies are looking to streamline operations, save time, and lower costs. As we slowly return to the office, many companies are taking a hybrid approach as some employees continue working remotely.

To increase productivity in this new environment, companies are looking for ways to meet the challenges of the “new normal.” Microsoft Office 365 and Azure delivered and managed by Advanced Computer Technology, a Microsoft Direct Silver Partner, can help you get your costs under control, streamline your operation, and do it all while keeping costs under control.

With Managed Microsoft Office 365 and Azure from ACT, you’ll not only meet the needs of your employees and clients, but you will also free up the time necessary to grow your business!

Meeting Common Business Challenges in the New Normal

Today, many businesses are facing common operational challenges. This is especially true if your workforce is split between your office and remote work. ACT’s Managed Microsoft Office 365 and Azure Services address these challenges and provide solutions that can keep your teams on the same page.

Common business challenges include:

Keeping Software Current

Updating software can be challenging, especially in today’s complex environment which can include mobile devices, office desktops, and laptops. Depending on the number of systems your business has, updating can be very time-consuming.

Serving Multiple Devices

Mobile, BYOD, and remote work make having all of your devices on the same page in terms of software versions difficult. If everyone is not up to date, you can face compatibility issues that can create bottlenecks.

Managing Security

Data security is absolutely crucial. All of your systems, network, and software must offer the highest levels of security at all times to keep your business data safe.


Grow Your Business with Solutions From ACT!

When you partner with ACT we provide solutions that address these and other business challenges. With our Managed Microsoft Office 365 and Azure Services you can rest assured that your team will also be on the same page, working on the latest version.

Microsoft Office 365 offers users a complete suite of tools including Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint. With Azure Cloud Services you’ll enjoy a connected experience across all of your team’s devices from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Are you ready to learn more? Call us today and learn about the benefits our Managed Microsoft Office 365 and Azure Services can provide for your business!


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