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Why ACT for Cloud Services?

ACT is a regional leader in providing cloud services. Whether that’s through Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, or ACT’s private cloud OneCloud, we have the right cloud solution to meet your needs.

Cloud Challenges We Solve

Cloud technologies are becoming more commonplace for organizations of all sizes.
However, some businesses are still on the fence about whether the cloud is right for them. Some of the top reasons why hesitant business leaders choose to stay away from the cloud include:

Security Concerns

You have a misconception that your organization’s data is less secure in the cloud vs a traditional on-premise infrastructure.

Complexity of Migration

You believe the effort, talent, time and resources required to move to the cloud may be more than it actually is.

Lack of Qualified Resources

You feel the requirements to plan, migrate and manage a cloud computing strategy is beyond the capabilities of your team.

ACT Cloud Solutions

Moving to the cloud doesn’t have to be intimidating and the benefits are enormous! The cloud enables businesses the opportunity to modernize their IT environment and deliver improved digital experiences with increased scalability, agility and maximized efficiency. Here’s how ACT can help:

Cloud Migration

Our team of experts guarantee that ACT can de-risk and streamline the migration of your workloads to the cloud.


The IT architecture of businesses is often a complex web of legacy applications. Our migration team will develop solutions for you that will maximize cloud opportunities.

Exchange Online, Office Suite, Teams, One Drive, OneCloud

We offer secure, private cloud solutions for those with data location requirements.

Business Outcomes

There’s much more to the cloud than just the technology alone. With ACT as your Cloud Services provider your business will realize:


Ease of Collaboration

Access your data, email, and share your files from anywhere in the world.

Added Value

Predictability, low overall costs including overhead, and the flexibility to scale as your business grows and evolves.

Maximum Protection

Security, audit and data management features.

Business Continuity

Data backed up in the cloud means minimized downtime in the event of a disaster or power outage.

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