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This year’s Earth Day will soon be here on April 22. It is a good time to talk about digital transformation and how it has a positive effect on the environment. If your business has yet to complete, or even start its digital transformation, you are missing out on several opportunities to help the environment and improve your bottom line. One way to get started is with electronic document management software (EDMS) where you can achieve these five things:

#1. Reduce the Need for Printing

Digital transformation with EDMS helps reduce the need to constantly print documents. Typically, many companies print more documents than they actually use. Managing electronic documents can also eliminate the need to reprint documents when corrections or revisions are needed. The result is less paper and toner or ink is used, which is good for the environment.

#2. Reduce Waste

Less printing means you are also reducing the amount of waste your company produces. You reduce the amount of paper you waste printing documents that won’t get used or need to be reprinted because of errors. Using less ink or toner means that you are helping keep empty ink and toner cartridges out of the landfill where they could sit for 1,000 years before decomposing.

#3. Save Energy

Reducing the amount of printing through EDMS means that you are saving energy, as well. Using less energy means you are reducing your company’s carbon footprint and helping the environment.

#4. Reduce Your Business Costs

Your business saves money when you adopt EDMS because you use less paper, less toner or ink and less energy. You also save money on having to store these documents, too, whether it be in a storage facility or by having to have a larger office. These are all costs that cut into your business’s profits. Reducing these costs can help your company’s bottom line.

#5. Increase Productivity

Digital transformation helps increase business productivity. Automating document storage makes locating documents, correcting documents, and storing documents easier and more efficient. Going digital with electronic document management software also allows you to reap the benefits of electronic signatures that help speed up business processes.

Don’t wait until next Earth Day to get started with your company’s digital transformation. Get started now and by next year, the changes you make will already be helping the environment.