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Whether you are trying to get more out of your systems, deploying a new application or simply want support when procuring new technology, ACT has the expertise and vendor relationships to deliver proven solutions. We will work with you to build a next-generation data centre that is geared for your future business needs.

We deliver end-to-end systems for clients large and small, with premier expertise in server virtualization consolidation. Our market leadership in Bermuda has enabled customers to leverage industry leading technology to significantly improve direct results to the business. Our goal is to help you reduce total cost of ownership, and improve key performance metrics like data centre reliability and availability.

Our methodical approach leaves no stone unturned in the delivery of your server infrastructure. Our team will work closely with you in all stages of the project, including Analysis, design, procurement and on-going support.

Typical challenges being faced by server management teams:

More than 35% of time spent on maintaining server environments and growing
Users demanding more applications putting pressure on current infrastructure capabilities
Application Database vendors changing architecture designs that are impacting ability to deliver service
Being able to respond fast enough to changes in the business, and not over provisioning wasting valuable capital budgets
Lack of integration with the network infrastructure team


Sample project experience:

Workload and data sizing assessments at the application level
Virtual and consolidation services for small to enterprise server environments
Business continuity readiness assessments and design
Application performance enhancement
Infrastructure as a Service
High-performance compute cluster design
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