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Networking as the foundation of your business infrastructure is not getting any easier to manage. Business are growing and so are the range of services IT is delivering to the business, like SharePoint, email to VoIP and web services applications, each with unique requirements. Each new service introduced onto the network competes for available resources with every other service, impacting the network’s performance, and quality of service to the users.

ACT’s rich history as an infrastructure provider has enabled us to realize the impact business growth and evolution has on the network infrastructure, and the team managing the services. Being engaged early in the process with our customers to understand the growth requirement of their business enables proactive network topology design and budgeting. Over provisioning is not a solution to a growing business which dynamic requirements. Delivering a solution to the business which will allow network managers to respond quickly to executive growth decisions requires industry expertise, and enterprise relationships which ACT brings to the Bermuda marketplace.

Typical challenges being faced by network management teams:

Pinpointing potential network performance issues early in the development life-cycle
Validating new or modified applications and infrastructure before they are deployed in production
Improved troubleshooting of intermittent/transient network problems
Accelerated time-to-benefit for new and/or upgraded applications
More intelligent planning for and support of business growth


ACT’s networking team was paramount in designing and deploying a new network solution for our global business. The solution has enabled us to realign resources to other projects improving service to our business.
John Stevens – Colonial Group International

Sample project experience:

Network Discovery gap analysis
WAN/LAN topology design, implementation and managed support services – Core to edge Networks
VoIP solution implementation and Support for local and global clients
WAN solution optimization
Network penetration testing and reporting

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