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Traditional architectures are no longer getting the job done. Many organizations are having trouble meeting their backup windows, or achieving their recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs). How do you solve these problems without breaking your budget?

The era of disk and improved backup software is now. The majority of new backup deployments remain disk-based allowing customers to complete backups in their defined window, increase security on data at rest and reduce TCO of solution deployments. ACT works closely with our customers to clarify their business objectives, and design solutions to solve these needs and plan for future data growth.

Best-fit backup architecture could be a combination of one or more technologies, and ACT has the experience to architect a solution for each customer to achieve operational success.

Typical challenges being faced by infrastructure teams:

Shrinking backup and recovery windows
No capacity or solution for long term retention
Data protection gaps where frequency of backups not meeting demands of the business
Growing business operations – remote offices backups hard and expensive to manage
Legacy technology taking too long to recover files and deliver a quality of service acceptable to the business


ACT and EMC partnered to deliver a solid backup solution that delivers business continuity and protects the investments of my business and shareholders.
Andrew Woodworth – Ariel Reinsurance

Sample project experience:

Backup assessment and health checks for clients who want to learn more about current technologies and best practices
Managed Backup services both internal and hosted lowering capital requirements
Deployment of new backup solutions to reduce window by over 50%
Business continuity planning to protect data both onsite and offsite, or off island.
Proactive support and reporting
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