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Who is ACT OneCloud?

ACT OneCloud is a global provider of offshore Cloud technologies. Our mission is to deliver enterprise class services that will scale to our clients ever changing business requirements. The OneCloud platform provides clients with the opportunity to take full advantage of all of the financial, operational and privacy benefits of hosting services in an offshore Cloud environment.

What is ACT OneCloud?

OneCloud is a fully redundant and secure Cloud platform that will provide your business with instant access to shared core infrastructure resources for compute, storage and application hosting. Our platform today has facilities in Bermuda, Halifax and Cayman that are all centrally managed and monitored from our network operation center.

ACT OneCloud datacenter locations: Bermuda, Cayman, and Halifax.

ACT OneCloud datacenter locations: Bermuda, Cayman & Halifax.

ACT OneCloud BenefitsACT OneCloud Services
ACT OneCloud Benefits
  • Flexible – Expand quickly or offload workflows by adding additional services as your business demands them. Your ability to consume resources when you need them will give your business the freedom to instantly adapt to any change in your market climate.
  • Cost Effective – As a shared platform with vast resources, you take advantage of paying for only the services you consume. Bringing your business to OneCloud does not mean your on-premise infrastructure has been wasted. You can maintain as much or as little of your existing infrastructure as you desire and only move to OneCloud when it makes sense financially.
  • Private – Our platform allows our clients the ability to control and manage their own dedicated environment. Connect your network to OneCloud resources and establish your own bespoke solution. Grow instantly with OneCloud as your business flourishes.
  • Secure – OneCloud has gone to great lengths to ensure that your data is secure 24x7x365. With a variety of in house tools, 3rd party penetration testing and world class security partners OneCloud is a best of breed solution for protecting clients and their data.
ACT OneCloud Services
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – Gone are the days of buying servers and over-provisioning resources. With IaaS you can consume as little compute, memory and storage as necessary. IaaS allows you the ability to run your entire business on the OneCloud platform or for specific one off-needs such as testing and developing applications.
  • Backup & Data Protection – OneCloud will allow your business to save and restore data meeting any retention policy standards. Our agent-less solution compresses, encrypts and provides efficient transfers to our secure OneCloud platform in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) – With the click of a button, OneCloud will protect your business. You will be able to access your data should at any time should unforeseen events take place causing a disruption to your day-to-day operations With our investment, OneCloud gives you the flexibility to have your data reside in any of our secure locations across the region.
  • Security as a Service (SaaS) – Our SaaS provides our clients with email, web & identity and access management (IAM) security based solutions. In addition, OneCloud solutions have expanded to include security information and event management (SIEM). OneCloud is the leader in offshore Cloud solutions.

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